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Information for HPC users

The project bwHPC-C5 offers general and science specific user support for high performance computing. The currently established five HPC competence centers are covering the following research fields: 


The HPC competence centers are organized by the Universities Mannheim/Heidelberg, Ulm, Freiburg, Tübingen as well as KIT, whereas the support team of each competence center unite experts of all Baden-Württembergs's universities. Moreover, the HPC competence center for "general sciences supply" is appropriate for all sciences utilizing HPC that are not covered by any of the other 4 HPC competence centers.

The HPC competence center activities and measures include:

  • federated coordinating and conducting of HPC teaching and training courses and workshops;
  • establishing generic and science specific support services such as:
    • a Wiki including user guides, FAQs and best practice guides
    • a federated support portal (i.e., ticket system);
  • aiding users' (code) migration activities (from former HPC or Desktop infrastructure to bwHPC infrastructure) as well as code parallelization activities;
  • expanding HPC competence center's scientific orientation and integrating further scientific areas to the bwHPC infrastructure;
  • identifying and supporting users with the capability to ascend to higher HPC tiers; 
  • providing a substantial scientific software portfolio; and
  • identifying and implementing optimization measures.
The state user steering committee, aka "Landesnutzeraussschuss Baden-Württemberg (LNA-BW)", regulates the scientific policies of the HPC tier 3 in Baden-Württemberg.