2017-01-24: bwUniCluster downtime

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To repair the damaged HOME file system of all non-KIT users we have scheduled a downtime for the three clusters for January 24, 2017. During the downtime there will be no access to the clusters and all jobs running at that time have to be cancelled. We will use the downtime to switch to the backup of the HOME file system and to upgrade the OS kernel.

Update from 2017-01-24, 4 p.m.: The clusters bwUniCluster, ForHLR I and ForHLR II can now be used again. Please restart cancelled batch jobs.

We've activated a backup copy from 2017-01-15/16 of all non-KIT users on another file system. Files and directories which were created between 2017-01-15/16 and 2017-01-18 are lost. Please check your data and report any issues by submitting a support ticket.